Wednesday, 12 March 2008


This weblog has been in the “sleeping mode” for almost a year. The reason for that is that I have been very busy completing my PhD. On the 11th of February I had my exam. In Holland a graduation is a rather traditional ceremony, but as I can now say from my own experience: It is great fun ! The event start with a so called “lekenpraatje”. In this 10 minute presentation you try to explain to the invited people the essence of you research. I had about a 100 guests and from their reaction I understand they got the point.

Then the formal part starts with the 8 professors coming in, leaded by the “pedel”, that’s the lady with the staff. For a hour they asked questions about the research. After that they went to a separate room and they returned after about 20 minutes. I was invited to stand in front of the chairman and he read an official statement that I had passed the exam.
After that Mick Eekhout, my professor, gave me the official document (it’s in the red tube) .

Finally, the professors with the pedel in front, left the room. On the stairs the official photo was made and that was the end of the formal part of the day.

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