Thursday, 10 May 2007


Past, Current and Upcoming Topics

Cyclical Iterative Design Process (CIDP)
(Re)definition of the Specifications and Design Development
Production (Model, Mockup, Prototype and Product)
Testing / Using
Analyzing and Evaluation

The Iterative Concept
The Iterative aspect of the Cyclical Design Process
Thermalling gliders: an iterative process

Existing Design Processes
Design Processes in Architecture
Design Processes in Aerospace and Industrial Design

Architects and Aeropspace
Le Corbusier
Richard Horden
Norman Foster
Johan Schepers
Meyer en van Schooten
Huib Plomp
Martin Smit

The CIDP and the Application in the Architectural Practice
Design Process
From Contract Based Design Process to Performance Based Design Process
Organization of the Architectural Practice
Quality Systems
Information Management

Non-Quantitative Graphics
Introduction to Non-Quantitative Graphics
Time management

Architects and Research
Architect and Technology Transfer

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