Friday, 18 May 2007

Relevance of the thesis and new insights

The web log has been on line for a week and I have received numerous reactions. Thank you all for you comments. There seems to be a growing interest for the Cyclical Iterative Design Process, not just from architects, but also from people working in other areas. Once a week I will add a new article. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment !

There appear to be some problems with posting comments to the weblog. To avoid this I have added an short instruction that you can find in the right column of the blog.

As a few of you mentioned the cyclical concept in itself is not new. The question is how my research will add new insights. I will try to answer this question with the scheme below:

The Cyclical Iterative Design Process is not just about the design process, but also about creating a design environment. Creating an environment where such a design process can take place.

The design process itself is basically very simple and straightforward. It consists of just four phases. This way, the design process can easily be understood and what is perhaps even more important, can be applied. What this thesis adds is the extensive research on each of the four phases and the sub phases resulting in new definitions and new tools that can be used when dealing with the subsequent phases and sub phases.

The design environment consist of four main elements: Information Management, Contract Structure, Quality System and Office Organization. In the thesis the cyclical concept is applied to these four elements. Tools are developed to optimize these elements through a cyclical process to create the best possible environment for creating the best possible product.

In due time I will write about the phases and sub phases that are part of the design process and the elements that are part of the design environment.

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